Richard Prescott Baker Jr.
b. 1979, Norwalk, CT

Scott has attained recognition establishing himself in the arena of street art, becoming well know in the underground graffiti world. Scott has now bridged the rawest of his street graffiti style, with his strong skills in his traditional painting and drawing background.

Recent exhibitions demonstrate a sharpened creativity in his art by letting the viewers into places only street artist would allow.

Letters From New York 4, 2007
Burning New York, 2005
Broken Windows, 2002
Juxtapoz, Magazine, Sept / Oct 2002

SoapStone Gallery, NY, NY 2010
Wessex - Bristol, Ithaca, NY 2005
Rush Arts Gallery, NY, NY 2004
Pierogi Gallery, Williamsburg, NY 2003
Art Directors Club, NY, NY 2002

For information on commissions please contact me at